Cavan & Cootehill Water Supply Schemes


Client: Cavan County Council
Location: Cavan, Ireland
Value: €15 Million
Scope: Stage (i) to (v) including PSDP



Cavan WSS currently supplies 3,500 m3/day to Cavan Town and environs abstracted from Lough Acanon. The existing Preliminary Report proposes to expand the scheme to 7,700 m3/day, which is the estimated safe yield of the existing source.

Cootehill WSS currently supplies 550 m3/day to the local town abstracted from Coragh Lough. The Preliminary Report is required to assess the scheme requirements over the next twenty years.

The water treatment process for both schemes includes chemical coagulation, clarification, filtration, chlorination and fluoridation. The progression of the two schemes will require the expansion of the water treatment plants, provision of supply pipelines and the construction of storage reservoirs.