Gowran, Goresbridge and Paulstown Water Supply Scheme


Client: Kilkenny County Council
Location: Kilkenny, Ireland
Value: €4 Million
Scope: Stage (i) to (v) including PSDP



The demand area comprises the settlements of Paulstown , Goresbridge, and Gowran and the rural hinterlands on north west Co. Kilkenny, where development has been curtailed due to insufficient of limited water resources. Existing supplies are from small diameter pipe work, with pressure deficiencies and lack of emergency storage.

Having been involved in investigations and reports in the 60’s 80’s and 90’s, J. B. Barry and Partners Limited were commissioned to carry out a design review in 2003 to update check Preliminary Report demands, proposals and estimates.

As part of the commission we undertook the following:

  • Design and Contract Document preparation for approximately 43km of watermains, including design of railway crossing and numerous bridge crossings
  • Prepared proposals for new 2,000 m3/day Pump Station and 1,100 m3/day Treatment plant and rising mains
  • Prepared a hydraulic model using EPANET of the existing and proposed networks following a detailed design review
  • Advised and supported the Local Authority with land acquisition, wayleave and access agreements
  • Obtained Abstraction Order for enhanced supply from Existing Spring Source
  • Prepared Part 8 Planning Submission for a 2250 m3 Service Reservoir
  • Defined, procured and managed Site Investigation Contract for reservoir site and pipeline routes
  • Defined, procured and managed Environmental Reports including Archeology and Flora /Fauna
  • Carried out Crytosporidium Risk Asessments
  • Prepared Water Services Pricing Policy Reports