North Tipperary Water Conservation Scheme


Client: North Tipperary County Council
Location: North Tipperary, Ireland
Value: €2.2 Million
Scope: Stage (ii) to (v) including PSDP



Review of existing DMA and Pipeline assessment and report as developed under Stages 1 to 3 of the National Water Conservation Programme, site assessment and collection of network information, revision of the county-wide works prioritisation based on up-to-date network records and advanced rehabilitation works, assistance with the updating of hydraulic models, estimation of cost and ROI, scoping of the works, preparation of Site Investigation and Works CD’s, preparation of preliminary Safety and Health plans, preparation of Handover Report.

Development of the proposals as set out in the North Tipperary Rehabilitation Strategy Report (Stage 3) into defined works packages that will deliver the maximum benefit. The project covers all stages from data assessment, design and updating of the relevant hydraulic models through to Construction Supervision and presentation of the final handover report. The works shall reduce UFW county-wide to sustainable levels.