River Fergus (Ennis) Upper & Lower Certified Drainage Scheme


Client: Office of Public Works
Location: Clare, Ireland
Value: €18.5 Million (Upper & Lower Schemes)
Scope: Stage (ii) to (v) including PSDP



J. B. Barry and Partners Ltd were appointed by the Office of Public Works to proceed with the design of flood alleviation proposals in the River Fergus. Two schemes were prepared for Public Exhibition; these were the River Fergus Upper (Ennis) Certified Drainage Scheme and the River Fergus Lower (Ennis) Certified Drainage Scheme.

The River Fergus Upper Ennis Certified Drainage Scheme was constructed in Ennis town between 2008 and 2010. The major activities undertaken as part of the overall scheme included a preliminary flood assessment (hydrological analysis and hydraulic modelling), detailed topographic survey and ground investigation, Environmental Impact Statement and planning, detailed design of the scheme, tendering process for the procurement of contractor, construction supervision and overall management of the project including Project Supervisor Design Process (PSDP) services. The project also involved consultation with stakeholders and the public launch and exhibition of the scheme documents.

In November 2009, there was significant flooding in the west and south west of Ireland. The above scheme was substantially complete and the river water level was contained within the flood walls. Flooding occurred further down stream where the River Fergus Lower Ennis Certified Drainage Scheme will, in the future, protect. JBB provided information and assistance to the emergency response team and helped to identify areas at risk, monitor water gauges and to assist with the prediction of flood levels.