Gorey Main Drainage Flood Alleviation Scheme


Client: Wexford County Council
Location: Wexford, Ireland
Value: €500,000
Scope: Flooding study and flood alleviation scheme detailed design



The Gorey Main Drainage Scheme – Flood Alleviation Scheme (OPW Minor Flood Mitigation Works Contract) included a flood risk assessment and flood relief scheme design of the River Banogue and Mill Lands stream through Gorey, Co Wexford. This flood alleviation scheme is based on the recommendations of the Gorey Main Drainage Flood Alleviation Scheme, undertaken by J. B. Barry and Partners Limited in 2006.

The 2006 study undertook a detailed hydrological assessment of the Banoge River and its tributaries, management of the channel and structure survey and hydraulic analysis of the watercourses. The hydraulic analysis involved preparing a river hydraulic model in HEC RAS computer software package using approximately 50 surveys channel cross sections and structures and simulating the river model for existing conditions as well as for the post flood alleviation condition. The study led to recommendations on planning policy on development control within flood risk and riparian corridor areas and design of a flood defence scheme. The present flood alleviation scheme is being undertaken as part of the OPW Minor Flood Mitigation Contract.