Lesotho Highlands Water Project


Client: Lesotho Highlands Development Authority
Location: Lesotho
Value: €1.2 Billion
Scope: Project Management, Procurement,Civil Engineering, Tunnelling, Environmental, Public Health & Socio Economics



J. B. Barry and Partners Limited strengthen their market share in Africa by securing a commission to provide technical assistance to the Lesotho Highlands Development Authority during the start-up of Phase 2 of the Lesotho Highlands Water Project - a multi-billion project which commenced back in the 1980s to transfer water from the mountains in Lesotho to meet the demand in the growing population and industrial areas of Gauteng Province in South Africa.

The project is jointly implemented by the Governments of Lesotho and South Africa, and Phase 2 includes the following works:

  1. A 1,000m long 163.5m high concrete faced rock-fill Dam at Polihali, together with a 49.5m high, adjacent “saddle” embankment dam, and a 38.2Km long 5.2m diameter transfer tunnel from Polihali to the existing Katse Dam (Phase 1A - 1996).
  2. Access and feeder roads, residential and contractors' camps, power lines, telecommunications, water supply and sanitation.
  3. Population resettlement and compensation.
J. B. Barry and Partners Limited are providing 6 senior experienced specialists to work with the LHDA Projects Department during the project preparation stage. These roles will include providing expertise in project management, procurement, civil engineering, tunnelling, environment, public health and socio-economics.