Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland Upgrades & Refurbishment


Client: Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland
Location: Dublin, Ireland
Value: €10 Million (Estimated)
Scope: Civil / Structural Engineering Services through all stages



We have provided Civil / Structural Engineering services to the RCSI for every alteration or refurbishment to their historic 250 year building for the past 30 years. The main body of the RCSI complex off St Stephens Green is approximately 250 years old, but each generation has added their stamp onto the building through alterations and extensions. The key strength of JBB is in first understanding each of these elements before providing advice on how the alterations or refurbishments can proceed. RCSI have continuously turned to JBB to consult and design any element or changes to their central building due to our constant high level of service, knowledge and dedication.

The following is a summary of the works that we have been involved with in 123 St Stephens Green over the years;

  • Full Structural Condition Survey of the original protected structure consisting of a 3-5 storeys above ground and basement complex.
  • Specification, tender and construction supervision of remedial and refurbishment works
  • Setting up a preventative maintenance programme
  • Floor assessment and strengthening in numerous areas
  • Removal of existing library and installation of office suites
  • Construction / installation of three biomedical research laboratories (including vibration free supports for photon microscopes)
  • Exam Hall roof assessment and remedial works
  • New council room together with the construction of a kitchen area over an existing yard onto a steel platform
  • Conversion of a room to an archive storage
  • Conversation of a basement storage area into a high tech modern anatomy storage facility
  • Installation of external fire stairs with reglit cladding
  • Alteration of external service platforms
  • Chemistry Lab refurbishment including new internal stairs
  • Numerous assessments of installations of plant on existing roof
  • Numerous assessments of alterations to existing wall layouts