We are employed by Kildare County Council to provide technical consultancy services for concept development & option selection, preliminary design and statutory processes for cycle provisions on Kilcock Rd. and Celbridge Rd., Maynooth.

    The objective of this project is to provide new, high quality cycle facilities and improve existing facilities for pedestrians and bus users on Kilcock Road and Celbridge Road. The scheme aims to link the new facilities on Kilcock Road and Celbridge Road that form primary / secondary routes to a dense urbanised residential area as identified within the NTA Cycle Network Plan maps for the cycle network of Maynooth. The scheme provides key elements of the GDA Strategic Cycle Network and in the case of the Celbridge Road Scheme, it connects the proposed Maynooth Eastern Ring Road scheme with the Straffan Road.

    Improved facilities for mobility and sensory impaired pedestrians would be provided for the extents of the scheme. The provision of new and improved cycle, pedestrian and bus facilities will provide a safer environment for all road users while encouraging a reduction in the use of cars. A major benefit of the scheme would be increased physical activity associated with health benefits for both recreational and commuter cyclists and pedestrians through Kilcock Road and Celbridge Road. This would encourage a modal shift to cycling or walking which would have the benefit of reducing traffic congestion.

    The design is to be undertaken in accordance with guidance set-out in the Design Manual for Urban Roads (DMURS) and the National Cycle Manual and will prioritise the user hierarchy set-out in DMURS, which promotes sustainable forms of transport.

    Client: Kildare County Council
    Location: Maynooth, Co. Kildare
    Value: To Be Determined