The Galway - Athenry railway section is featured in several development strategies, at a regional and national level. There are at least three main service corridors interfacing with the infrastructure:

    • The Galway InterCity, linking the cities of Galway and Dublin;
    • The Western Rail Corridor Line, which generates some traffic from Limerick/Ennis to Galway, but also increases the occupation of Athenry station, particularly in the longer term, with the re-opening of the Claremorris – Athenry section;
    • The Galway City Hinterland Corridor, in order to improve the railway quality service and promote a modal shift in favour of railway for commuting journeys.

    However, as the existing line comprises single track infrastructure, there is a need for capacity improvements to address the increase in services.

    Our study compiled the conclusions of past studies, and analysed new potential solutions to identify the short, medium and long-term capacity improvement options for Galway.

    As we move closer to our climate change goals, the demand for public transport will increase. Rail travel is particularly beneficial as it gets motors off the roads and can run on renewable energies through a decarbonised grid. J B Barry are proud to be part of the rail network upgrades required for sustainable transport.

    Client: Irish Rail
    Location: Co. Galway
    Value: To Be Determined