N72-N73 Mallow Relief Road, Cork

    National Roads

    The N72-N73 Mallow Relief Road project is being progressed with the goal to alleviate congestion in the town centre road network for access and local traffic. The 5km scheme will also enable longer distance east-west N72 and N73 National Secondary Road traffic to travel along a more efficient network. We are currently taking the three schemes through Phases 1 to 4 of the Transport Infrastructure Ireland Project Management Guidelines, which includes Project Appraisal and Feasibility Studies, Option Selection, Design, Environmental Impact Assessment and Statutory Processes.

    There are various benefits that come along with this project, including economic, safety, environmental, accessibility & social inclusion, integration and physical activity-based benefits. A few of the specific benefits of this project are reducing the costs of travel, reducing the frequency and severity of collisions by providing a safer route for all users, improving safety for vulnerable road users, improving noise and air quality through Mallow town with a reduction in traffic, ensuring consideration of sustainable development principles and measures to minimise effects on the environment, improving road based public transport through journey times and reliability, improving the connectivity and route consistency of the national road network and providing opportunities for pedestrians and cyclists.

    Client: Cork County Council
    Location: Co. Cork
    Value: Undisclosed