N25 Lemybrien Traffic Calming Scheme, Waterford

    Road Safety

    A number of issues have been raised about road safety at Lemybrien for many years. Waterford City and County Council proposes a new traffic calming scheme to address those and create safe and more attractive village for all.

    We were commissioned by Waterford City and County Council to prepare the detailed design, PARR report, contract documents, tender process, construction stage and handover phase of traffic calming scheme along N25 national primary road through village of Lemybrien.

    The proposed woks include modification of the existing traffic lanes, modification of the existing footways and creation shared pedestrian /cyclists facilities with associated sundry works.

    The implementation of the traffic calming scheme with an intensive landscape strategy will create a safe environment for all road users with a strong emphasis on non-motorised road users.

    Planting and improving the public realm and pedestrian areas can aid traffic calming by creating an improved sense of place in the village so that slowing traffic as the change in the streetscape environment indicates an area of pedestrian priority and increased pedestrian activity.

    Client: Waterford City and County Council
    Location: Co. Waterford
    Value: €5 Million