Road Safety Audits, Worldwide

    Road Safety

    A Road Safety Audit involves the evaluation of road and development schemes during design and construction to identify potential hazards to all road users. It is required on all new national road infrastructure projects and on all schemes which result in a permanent change to the existing road or roadside layout. They are also recommended for similar changes to the local and regional road network. Additionally, they are often a requirement from Local Authorities in the planning process for proposed developments.

    An RSA is carried out at different stages of an infrastructure project as follows:

    • Stage F: Route selection stage
    • Stage 1: Completion of preliminary design
    • Stage 2: Completion of detailed design
    • Stage 1 & 2: Completion of detailed design, for small schemes where only one design stage audit is appropriate
    • Stage 3: Completion of construction
    • Stage 4: Early operation.

    Not all of the above stages are necessary for each scheme. Some of the stages may be omitted depending on the type, size and complexity of a scheme.

    Our TII approved audit team is trained and qualified to undertake Road Safety Audits in line with the requirements of Road Infrastructure Safety Management (Directive 2008/96/EC). Examples of projects we have completed RSAs for can be found below:

    Stage F:

    • N/M20 Cork to Limerick Road Improvement Scheme
    • Tranche 4 Motorway Service Areas

    Stage 1:

    • N63 Major’s Well Road Upgrade (Longford)
    • SHD Development at Maglin, Ballincollig

    Stage 1 / 2:

    • Change from Carrigaline Scheme to Emergency Parking Facility at DAA Holiday Blue
    • Project ABC Commercial Development (Newbridge)

    Stage 2:

    • Cork Harbour Greenway Phase 1
    • Brewery Road Junction Upgrade

    Stage 3:

    • New Street Pedestrianisation (Malahide)
    • Willsbrook Road Cycle Scheme – Phase 3

    Stage 4:

    • Strategic Cycleway Scheme – Elm Tree to Harpers Creek (Cork)
    • N52 Cloghan to Billistown – Phase 2
    Client: Various (Private Developers, Government and Local Authorities)
    Location: Worldwide
    Value: € Various