River Fergus (Ennis) Certified Drainage Scheme, Clare


    We were appointed by the Office of Public Works to complete various schemes on a phased basis as part of the River Fergus (Ennis) Certified Drainage Scheme to alleviate the recurring flooding problem in Ennis town. We were responsible for all stages of this scheme from preliminary design and optioneering, through environmental assessments and planning, detailed design, tendering, construction supervision and handover. Additionally, we were appointed PSDP for this scheme.

    We supervised both the Upper and Lower schemes during construction phases, which included responsibilities such as responding to design queries, meetings with the Contractor, liaison with environmental sub-consultants, NPWS, Shannon Regional Fisheries Board, DOE Archaeological unit, monitoring of progress and programme and the assessment of interim payments, valuations and claims. Additionally, we prepared the handover documents including the Safety File, O&M Manual, and final account reports for both Contracts.

    The Fior Uisce / Augherteeroe Flood Protection Works was an annex to the certified scheme and provided for the protection of residential housing estates in the northern suburbs of Ennis town. The works consisted of earthen embankments, RC Concrete Defence wall and new storm pumping stations & separation of foul/storm networks.

    The Bank Place Flood Defence contract involved the provision of a new defence wall along the River Fergus northern bank edge to complete linkage between the Ennis Upper and Ennis Lower schemes. It replaced temporary protection measures placed as part of the Ennis Lower scheme. We redesigned the proposed embankment to replace it with a proposed sheet pile wall to facilitate retention of amenity and future site development in accordance with the Ennis Development Plan requirements.

    Since the completion of this scheme, there have been significant Flood Events in the catchment and no significant property damage has occurred in the newly defended areas.

    Client: Office of Public Works
    Location: Co. Clare
    Value: €21 Million