Inlet Works Storm and Sludge Programme, Various Locations



    Irish Water identified a number of Wastewater Treatment Plants that required upgrade works to address known asset deficiencies as part of the Inlet Works, Storm and Sludge programmes. The WwTP’s ranged in size from 500 to 10,500PE. The provision of the following elements of plant will improve compliance, increase capacity and prolong the operational life of existing plant:

    • Appropriate sludge management capability (sludge storage; thickening and dewatering)
    • Appropriate stormwater management
    • Inlet Works (including screening, screenings handling, grit removal, grit classification and flow control)

    The main objectives of this Programme were:

    • To ensure compliance with the Urban Wastewater Treatment Regulations 2001 and to meet the requirements of the EPA Wastewater Discharge Authorisation (WWDA)
    • Upgrade existing assets and infrastructure where economically feasible having carried out a detailed assessment of alternatives and following the completion of a cost benefit analysis
    • Provide new WwTP elements where appropriate, with appropriately designed capacities
    • Provide WwTP improvements that minimise the impact on the natural and built environment and maximise the benefit for existing and future development

    The scheme comprised the preparation of 60 number Technical Options Reports (Gate 1 – 2), detailed design reports and planning permissions (Gate 2a), Procurement (Gate 2b) and Contract Administration (Gate 3-4) for each WWTP site.

    The works are split into separate contracts as follows:

    • Contract 1 - Sites not requiring planning – contract documents completed and awaiting award of contract
    • Contract 2A & 2B – Sites requiring planning and environmental assessments – Two Contractors have been appointed and there are currently 33 sites of which 12 are on site
    • Contract 3 – Clareabbey WwTP – Construction has commenced on site – 14 month contract


    Client: Irish Water
    Location: Various
    Value: €25 Million