Limerick and Castletroy Wastewater Treatment Plants, Limerick


    Limerick (Bunlicky) Wastewater Treatment Plant

    Bunlicky WwTP treats the wastewater from the city of Limerick.  It was designed by us (in JV with GO’C and MPP) and constructed in the early 2000s.  It has an organic design loading of 168,000 PE and consists of preliminary treatment, primary treatment and sludge treatment facilities. The plant is, however, restricted to treating a hydraulic capacity of 130,000 PE (865 l/s) due to the hydraulic capacity of the final settlement tanks (FSTs) which limits throughout.

    As part of the upgrade project, we investigated and costs four loading scenarios included increasing the capacity of the WwTP from 130,000PE to 325,000PE.  Four treatment options were also considered (i) conventional activated sludge (ii) Nereda ® (iii) BioMag ® and (iv) MLVD.  The most likely solution will be to upgrade the WwTP to 285,000PE and to improve storm storage capacity and the sludge treatment facilities.  Works will also be required at Corcanree PS.

    Castletroy Watewater Treatment Plant

    Castletroy WwTP was constructed in the early 1990's and is situated three kilometres north east of Limerick city and adjacent to the University of Limerick.  The sources of wastewater loading are from the residential population, University of Limerick, commercial and industrial sectors, imported sludges and leachates and pumped loads from Castleconnell and Annacotty. Incoming flows from Castleconnell PS and Mountshannon PS feed into the gravity sewer serving Castletroy WwTP. There is a sewer connection upstream of the main inlet wet well which serves as a discharge point for leachate. Discharge from the plant is to the River Shannon.

    The treatment options considered for Castletroy WWTP included (i) conventional activated sludge (ii) Nereda ® (iii) IFAS and (iv) Hybacs.

    The main driver identified for this project is the fact that Castletroy WwTP is projected to be overloaded. The upgrade the existing Castletroy WwTP is to cater for a 10-year growth period and a design capacity of 77,500 PE.

    Client: Irish Water
    Location: Co. Limerick
    Value: €48 Million