Lee Road Water Treatment Plant Upgrade, Cork


    Water Treatment

    We had prior involvement with Cork City Council and through the 2000’s prepared various feasibility studies, flood risk studies, procurement options reports, procurement market testing, draft tender designs, obtained planning permission for limited upgrades and obtained an abstraction license for 80 MLD.

    For Irish Water, we prepared a Specimen design for a  New Standalone 40 MLD Plant with future modular expansion options. Additionally, we obtained a New Planning Permission along with the environmental permits and licenses. We procured a new WTP plant using bespoke IW FIDIC Contract forms and recommended / appointed Murphy International / Process Engineers as Contractors.

    The Specimen Design incorporated the following main elements:

    Design of the WTP (40MLD capacity) including: 

    • Intake improvements and screens 
    • Balancing tank for incoming flows (if required) 
    • Flow Splitting  
    • Raw water pumping  
    • Chemical dosing and pH Correction 
    • Coagulation, Flocculation, and Clarification (Sedimentation) or Dissolved Air Flotation (or equivalent) 
    • Rapid Gravity Filtration (or equivalent) 
    • Filter backwashing 
    • Washwater tanks and recovery 
    • Sludge thickening and dewatering   
    • Disinfection by UV  
    • Disinfection by Chlorination  
    • Fluoridation 
    • pH correction  
    • Administration Building and Ancillary Rooms and Staff Welfare facilities
    • Storage Reservoir with 2,500m3 capacity 
    • Main Pumping station  
    • Booster Pumping Station 
    • Siteworks and utilities  
    • Inlet, outlet, connecting and temporary pipelines 
    • Interim rising main connections

    Contract Administration duties were fulfilled for Gates 3 to 4 and were assisted by an Resident Engineering team which was managed and partly seconded from our resource pool.

    Duties fulfilled by us were as follows:

    • Chairing of Monthly Progress meetings and interim site visits
    • Preparation of Monthly Progress Reports to IW Asset Delivery management
    • Management of the Contract Risk Register
    • Preparation of Site Supervision Weekly/ Monthly Reports
    • Management of Construction Claims, Variations and Scope Changes in accordance with IW-AD-IP-SOP-001
    • Management of the Claim, Variations and Scope Changes Register
    • Undertaking of weekly HSQE inspections
    • Participation in Hazop Meetings and Reports
    • Liaising with Irish water and Cork City Operation departments
    • Participation in Commissioning prep and delivery meetings
    • Preparation of Take into supply recommendation reports
    • Certification of interim and Final Account Reports
    • Monitoring and checking of Project Safety File in PSDP role
    • Carrying out the BCAR assigned certifier role.   
    Client: Cork City Council
    Location: Co. Cork
    Value: €600,000

    We completed this project in association with Fehily Timoney, Halcrow Group Irl, Deloitte & Touche and Arthur Cox.