We work with our private and public clients to examine ways of driving efficiencies and how energy use can be reduced and/or produced from renewables. We have carried out feasibility studies and preliminary economic assessments for renewable energy from a multitude of sources.

With our extensive history in wastewater treatment, we have been designing and delivering new techniques for the capture and recovery of biogas which is used to make green energy and associated biosolids which are reused in agriculture. In our projects we have considered a combination of techniques including conventional and advanced wastewater treatment using activated granular sludge, pasteurisation, thermal hydrolysis, thermal pressure hydrolysis, traditional and advanced anaerobic digestion, phosphorous recovery, sludge thickening and drying.

Working with our traditional base of utility owners and private developers, we have examined the feasibility of solar PV (roof top and open), wind farms and hydropower on multiple projects and are now being asked to look at battery systems for support storage on some of these projects.

Our tradition of delivering civils projects in a linear fashion with a strong geotechnics base is a key benefit to our clients who want to hit the road running on the development of onshore wind and the associated grid connection, access roads and drainage items.