Planning & Licencing

One of the most important prerequisites of any project is the securing of approval from regulators such as the planning authority or licencing authority. Our planning team can manage this process ensuring that all application requirements and regulations are complied with.

We are the interface with the planning authority, organising preplanning meetings to clarify requirements, collating all the documents, drawings, reports necessary to meet planning regulations. We manage the public consultation component and stakeholder engagement of projects (websites and public information meetings) and general dissemination of project information in advance of consent application submission. Many large infrastructure projects proceed to oral hearings with An Bord Pleanála. We manage the team and can provide training regarding the presentation of evidence at these hearings.

Many projects require additional consents or licences issued by regulatory authorities like the EPA, Government departments, local authorities in order to operate or be constructed and we provide advice and guidance on all of these statutory processes. We have considerable experience in the procuring of licences such as Wastewater Discharge Authorisations (WWDA). Foreshore licences, Waste disposal Licences. We can also provide expert advice to licencing authorities (EPA IW) on the development of licencing strategy and compliance monitoring.