TII Motorway Service Areas - Tranche 4, Various Locations

    EIA Coordination

    We were responsible for the master planning, design and development of three Motorway Service Area facilities throughout the major inter urban road network. The service areas comprise facilities for motorists and their passengers, which provide extensive parking, fuel station, toilet block, Garda enforcement area and restaurant food/outlet facilities. The works included the selection/verification of the various sites, preparation of design options, Environmental Impact Assessment Report (EIAR), Statutory Procedures and Project Appraisal.

    The project was driven by European Policy and Regulations, in particular TEN-T Policy, which dictates a need for Member States to provide areas where road users can park, rest and access facilities. The Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) Policy targets the provision of Service Areas at regular intervals on the dual carriageway/motorway network.

    The Motorway Service Areas comprise areas for commercial vehicles to park allowing drivers take their mandatory break and rest periods (including overnight parking), areas for all road users to park and rest in order to reduce fatigue and access to facilities for road users including fuel stations, toilets, showers, convenience shops, restaurant/food outlets with tourist information, play areas for children and a motorway junction to provide access from the motorway to the service area.

    Client: Transport Infrastructure Ireland
    Location: Various
    Value: €200 Million