Galway to Athenry Railway, Galway

    Public Transport

    The Galway - Athenry railway section is featured in several development strategies, at a regional and national level. There are at least three main service corridors interfacing with the infrastructure:

    • The Galway InterCity, linking the cities of Galway and Dublin;
    • The Western Rail Corridor Line, which generates some traffic from Limerick/Ennis to Galway, but also increases the occupation of Athenry station, particularly in the longer term, with the re-opening of the Claremorris – Athenry section
    • The Galway City Hinterland Corridor, in order to improve the railway quality service and promote a modal shift in favour of railway for commuting journeys.

    However, as the existing line comprises single track infrastructure, there is a need for capacity improvements to address the increase in services.

    Our study compiled the conclusions of past studies, and analysed new potential solutions to identify the short, medium and long-term capacity improvement options for Galway.

    Client: Irish Rail
    Location: Co. Galway
    Value: Undisclosed