We were commissioned by Roads of Serbia to carry out a series of Road Safety Audits for the Main Design for Heavy Maintenance of Sections from the third year of the Serbian Road Rehabilitation and Safety Project (RRSP), which is supported by the World Bank, European Investment Bank, and European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. The project forms parts of the Government of Serbia’s National State Road Network Rehabilitation Program.

    Our Road Safety Audit work involved 12 schemes totalling 220 km, located throughout Serbia. These roads included the IA-1 and IA-3 motorways which provide key strategic linkages between Belgrade, the rest of the country and the borders with Hungary, FYROM (Macedonia) and Croatia. The audits were undertaken in accordance with the PIARC publication “Road Safety Audit Guidelines for Safety Checks of New Road Projects” (2011), with the final audit report recently completed and delivered.

    Our team used role play to consider how all road users will cope in every condition. This included driving the routes during day-time and night-time, taking photographs and videos and drawing on our experience of undertaking Road Safety Inspections, Road User Audits and Accessibility and Disability Audits as necessary. Our audit team subsequently made recommendations to mitigate any potential safety issues identified.

    The RRSP will improve the conditions of the state road network as well as increasing safety for all road users and we’re delighted to have worked with Roads of Serbia, who were a very proactive and engaging client, on this project.

    Client: Roads of Serbia
    Location: Serbia
    Value: €100 Million